(Amended: January 4, 1982)

An Advisory Council may be appointed by the Air Pollution Control Board to assist the Board in developing air pollution control rules and regulations which will provide protection of the health and welfare of all persons with the District; to assist in the evaluation of data and recommendations of actions to be taken under episode conditions; and to assist the Air Pollution Control Officer in developing solutions to air pollution problems within the District.

The Council shall consist of at least eleven (11) members, with special experience or training in areas which could materially assist air pollution control efforts, including licensed physicians, chemists, biologists, meteorologists, engineers, research specialists, educators, etc. Industry, law enforcement and the public should be represented.

The Air Pollution Control Officer and District Counsel shall be ex-officio members of the Council. The term of appointment of all members, except the ex-officio members, shall be four years and no member shall serve more than two consecutive terms. In the case of initial members appointed to the Advisory Council, staggered terms shall be established by the Council to assure continuity. Thereafter, appointments shall be for four year terms.

The Council may act upon recommendations of a majority of members present regarding any air pollution problem or program within the District as required by the Air Pollution Control Officer.