(Adopted: August 1, 1975)

Every petition shall state:

(a) The name, address, and telephone number of the petitioner, or other person authorized to receive service of notices.

(b) Whether the petitioner is an individual, co-partnership, corporation or other entity, and names and addresses of the partners if a co-partnership, names and addresses of the persons in control, if other entity.

(c) The type of business or activity involved in the application and the street address at which it is conducted.

(d) A brief description of the article, machine, equipment or other contrivance, if any, involved in the application.

(e) The section or rule under which the petition is filed; that is, whether petitioner desires a hearing:

  1. To determine whether a permit shall be revoked or suspended permit reinstated under Section 42307 Health and Safety Code of the State of California:

  2. For an emergency variance under Section 42359, Health and Safety Code:

  3. For a short variance under Section 40825, Health and Safety Code:

  4. For a regular variance and approval of a compliance schedule under Sections 40826 and 42358, Health and Safety Code:
  5. For an interim variance under Section 42351, Health and Safety Code, in conjunction with a petition for a short or regular variance:
  6. For a variance and/or approval of a compliance schedule for a rule not yet effective under Section 41703, Health and Safety Code:

  7. To revoke or modify a variance under Section 42356, Health and Safety Code:

  8. To modify an increment of progress or a final compliance date under Section 42357, Health and Safety Code;
  9. To review the denial or conditional granting of a permit to construct, or permit to operate under Section 42302, Health and safety Code;

  10. For a rehearing under Section 40861, Health and Safety Code. A petition for rehearing shall specify the grounds on which petitioner seeks a rehearing.

(f) Each petition shall be signed by the petitioner, or by some person on his behalf, and where the person signing is not the petitioner, it shall set forth his authority to sign.

(g) Petitions for revocation of permits shall allege, in addition, the rule under which permit was granted, the rule or section which is alleged to have been violated, together with a brief statement of the facts constituting such alleged violation.

(h) Petitions for reinstatement of suspended permits shall allege, in addition, the rule under which the permit was granted, the request and alleged refusal which formed the basis for such suspension, together with a brief statement as to why information requested, if any, was not furnished, whether such information is believed by petitioner to be pertinent and, if so, when it will be furnished.

(i) All petitions shall be typewritten, double-spaced, on letter-size paper, on one side of the paper only, leaving a margin of at least one inch at the top and left side of each sheet.