(Adopted: 11/20/89; Amended: 03/24/97)

(A) General

  1. Purpose

    (a) The purpose of this rule is to establish fees, pursuant to the California Health and Safety Code Section 42707, related to continuous emission monitoring systems (CEMS), continuous opacity monitoring systems (COMS) and/or continuous emission rate monitoring systems (CERMS), to cover the cost of insuring that such devices are functioning properly. Activities covered by these fees include, but are not limited to, inspection of CEMS, COMS, and/or CERMS, certification testing, review of test and data quality assurance activities, assistance in investigating system malfunctions and other activities related thereto.

(B) Monitoring Device Fees

  1. Any stationary source required to have a continuous monitoring device shall be assessed the following fees:

    (a) Each owner of a stationary source required by District Permit to Operate, District Rule or Regulation, California Health and Safety Code, the California Code of Regulations, United States Environmental Protection Agency permit and/or the Code of Federal Regulation to have a continuous monitoring device or system shall be subject to this fee. This fee shall be assessed on the actual and reasonable time required by the District staff to perform the above described activities to insure the device is functioning properly at a rate of $55.00 per hour, billable in quarter hour increments. Payment shall be within 30 days of written notification by the District.

(C) Revocation of Permits

  1. If the monitoring device fees are not paid when due, the owner of the stationary source shall thereupon be mailed a second notice. If the overdue fees are not paid within 30 days of the second notice, the "Permits to Operate/Authority to Construct", for the equipment which emitted the emission being monitored, will be revoked according to Health and Safety Code Section 42307. Reinstatement of such permits may require compliance with all applicable Rules and Regulations of the District, and payment of all fees specified within this Regulation.

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