(Amended May 1, 1989)

The public has been accustomed to obtaining burning permits from the various fire protection agencies. There are stations strategically located in most areas, and it would be logical to designate these agencies as the person to issue air quality permits for agricultural burning. These agencies would also be in the position to coordinate air quality control criteria as well as fire protection criteria that would relate to the agricultural burning.

  1. The burning permit shall be prepared in sufficient copies to provide information to the various agencies of concern. The permittee shall have his or her copy available for inspection at the burn site. This procedure will minimize any charges of burning without a valid permit.
  2. In order to provide for proper control of the agricultural burning, a permit shall be obtained for each burning operation.
  3. The permit shall be issued for the length of time necessary to complete the burning operation. The permittee shall contact the local fire protection agency prior to each day's burn to determine if it is an authorized burn day, as well as informing them that a burn is about to take place.
  4. The application for a burning permit shall be reviewed by the issuing agency. If the burn is likely to cause a nuisance, or the request is not consistent with agricultural burning, the permit shall not be issued until approval is obtained from the Air Pollution Control District. A nuisance might be caused if the location of the burn site and the direction of the prevailing winds will direct the air contaminants toward an adjacent residential area.
  5. Each permit issued pursuant to these procedures shall bear a statement of warning containing the following words or words of like or similar import: "This permit is valid only on those days during which agricultural burning is not prohibited by the California Air Resources Board pursuant to Section 41855 or the local air pollution control district."
  6. All burning permits will be issued by the designated fire control agency having jurisdiction in the area of the proposed burn and shall state thereon the type of material to be burned, estimated tonnage or acreage of waste to be burned, and the classification of the burning under which the permit was issued. Agricultural burning permits may only be issued by the following designated agencies: U.S. Forest Service; California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection; Bureau of Land Management; Modoc County Air Pollution Control District.

  7. During any period when permits are not being issued by a fire protection agency, they shall be obtained from the District.