(Amended January 15, 1989)

  1. All air monitoring data, including emissions data compiled from stationary sources are public records.
  2. All information, analyses, plans, or specifications that disclose the nature, extent, quantity, or degree of air contaminants which any article, machine, equipment, or other contrivance will produce, which the District requires any applicant to provide before such applicant builds, erects, alters, replaces, operates, sells, rents, or uses such article, machine, equipment, or other contrivance, are public records, with the exception of certified trade secrets.
  3. Trade secrets which may include that information described in Government Code Section 6254.7, are not public records. Trade secrets may only be certified upon written request by the owner of said secrets and concurrence of the Control Officer. Within 10 days of receipt of any documents containing trade secrets, so designated by the owner, the Control Officer shall:
  1. Concur in the certification of said trade secrets and notify the owner that the documents will be placed in a locked file to be made accessible only to the staff of the District or to the public following a court order.
  2. Return to the owner all documents which have been designated as trade secrets, following a determination by the Control Officer that they are not necessary in conducting the activities of the District.
  3. Notify the owner that said trade secrets do not meet the criteria established and place the documents in a locked file. All such documents will be considered as public records and will be so designated at the end of a 30-day period, unless the owner files an appeal with the Board.

Upon request, any specific public records in the possession of the District will be made available to the public within 10 days. Such requests shall be in writing and a reasonable fee may be charged, not to exceed the actual cost of providing the requested information.