1. No owner or operator of a retail service station, subject to the requirements of Rule 1-400 (a), shall transfer or allow the transfer of gasoline from a gasoline delivery tank into a stationary storage tank unless the Phase I vapor recovery system is operating in accordance with the manufacturers specifications and is maintained to be leak free, vapor tight and in good working order.
  2. Phase II gasoline vapor recovery equipment shall be maintained to be leak free, vapor tight and in good working order. Whenever the APCO determines that a Phase II vapor recovery system contains a defect the APCO shall mark such system or component "Out of Order". No owner or operator shall use or allow the use of any Phase II system or any component thereof containing a defect identified in Title 17, California Administrative Code, Section 94006 until it has been repaired, replaced, or adjusted, as necessary to remove the defect, and, if required under Health and Safety Code Section 41960.2, district personnel have reinspected the system or have authorized its use pending reinspection. Phase II vapor recovery systems shall not be operated with defects including:
    1. Torn or cut boots
    2. Torn or cut face seals or face cones
    3. Loose or broken retractors
    4. Boots clamped or held in an open position
    5. Leaking nozzles
    6. Loose, missing or disconnected nozzle components
    7. Crimped, cut or damaged vapor or fuel hoses)
    8. Vapor assist recovery systems damaged, turned-off or inoperative
    9. Non-"ARB certified" equipment or components