1. ARB-CERTIFIED VAPOR RECOVERY SYSTEM: A vapor recovery system which has been certified by the state board pursuant to Section 41954 of the Health and Safety Code.
  2. DISTRICT: The County Air Pollution Control District as required by Section 40002 of the California Health and Safety Code or a multi-county unified district authorized by Chapter 3, Part 3, Division 26 of said code.
  3. EXCAVATION: Exposure to view by digging.
  4. GASOLINE: Any organic liquid (including petroleum distillates and methanol) having a Reid vapor pressure of four pounds or greater and used as a motor vehicle fuel or any fuel which is commonly or commercially known or sold as gasoline.
  5. HOLD-OPEN LATCH: A device which is part of an ARB-certified vapor recovery system and which allows for the hands-off refueling of a vehicle.
  6. LEAK FREE: A liquid leak of no more than three drops per minute excluding losses which occur upon disconnecting transfer fittings, provided such disconnect losses do not exceed 10 milliliters (0.34 fluid ounces) per disconnect, averaged over three disconnects.
  7. MOTOR VEHICLE: the same meaning as defined in Section 415 of the Vehicle Code.
  8. OWNER OR OPERATOR: An owner or operator of a retail service station.
  9. PHASE I VAPOR RECOVERY SYSTEM: A gasoline vapor recovery system which recovers vapors during the transfer of gasoline from delivery tanks into stationary storage tanks.
  10. PHASE II VAPOR RECOVERY SYSTEM: A gasoline vapor recovery system which recovers vapors during the fueling of motor vehicles from stationary storage tanks.
  11. RETAIL SERVICE STATION: Any new or existing motor vehicle fueling service station subject to payment of California sales tax on gasoline sales.
  12. EXISTING RETAIL SERVICE STATION: Any retail service station operating, constructed, or under construction as of January 16, 1989.
  13. NEW RETAIL SERVICE STATION: Any retail service station which is not constructed or being modified as of January 16, 1989.
  14. MODIFIED RETAIL SERVICE STATION: Replacement of one or more stationary storage tanks at an existing station or excavation of 50 percent or more of an existing retail station's total underground liquid piping from the stationary storage tanks to the gasoline dispensers.
  15. TOPPING OFF: An attempt to dispense gasoline to a motor vehicle fuel tank after a vapor recovery dispensing nozzle has shut off automatically.
  16. THROUGHPUT: The volume of gasoline dispensed at a retail service station in any calendar year.
  17. VAPOR TIGHT: A leak of less than 100 percent of the lower explosive limit on a combustible gas detector measured at a distance of 2.5 cm (1 in.) from the source or no visible evidence of air entrainment in the sight glasses of liquid delivery hoses.