(Adopted 6/91)

In accordance with Section 40820 of the California Health and Safety Code there must be three or more members of the Hearing Board present to make a decision. However, the chairman of the Hearing Board or any member designated by the Hearing Board may grant a variance for not more than 90 days in accordance with Section 40825 of the Health and Safety Code. All decisions shall be in writing, served and filed within fifteen (15) days after submission of the cause by the parties thereto, and shall contain a brief statement of facts found to be true, the determination of the issues presented and the order of the Hearing Board. A copy shall be mailed or delivered to the Air Pollution Control Officer, the petitioner and to every person who has filed an answer or who has appeared as a party in person or by counsel at the hearing. Within 30 days of any order granting or modifying, or otherwise affecting a variance, a copy of the order shall be forwarded to the Air Resources Board.