(Adopted 8/91; Amended 11/93)

  1. Authorization to Construct: Any person building, erecting, altering or replacing any article, machine, equipment or other contrivance, the use of which may cause the issuance of air contaminants or the use of which may eliminate or reduce or control the issuance of air contaminants, shall first obtain written authorization for such construction from the APCO. An Authorization to Construct shall remain in effect for two years or until the Permit to Operate the equipment for which the application was filed is granted or denied or the application is canceled, but must be renewed annually.

  2. Permit to Operate: Before any article, machine, equipment or other contrivance for which an Authorization to Construct has been issued, may be operated or used, a Permit to Operate shall first be obtained from the APCO. Whenever necessary and appropriate to ensure compliance with all applicable permit conditions, the APCO may issue a temporary permit to operate. The temporary permit to operate shall specify a reasonable period of time during which the equipment so permitted may be operated in order for the District to determine whether it will operate in accordance with the conditions specified in the Authority to Construct.

  3. Federal Operating Permit: A source subject to Rule 10.3 shall obtain a Federal Operating Permit from the District under Title V of the Federal Clean Air Act as amended in 1990. The District will issue a Federal Operating Permit separately from, and in addition to, the permits required pursuant to Regulation IV. The requirements of Rule 10.3 shall augment and take precedence over conflicting administrative requirements of other provisions of the District's Rules and Regulations.