District Rules Database (DRDB)

This page last reviewed September 11, 2019

California's local air pollution control districts (APCD's) and air quality management districts (AQMD's) provide the California Air Resources Board (CARB) with electronic versions of their district rules which regulate stationary sources in California. Ultimately, the quality of this database depends upon districts; please read our disclaimer.

There are several ways to look up district regulations and rules.

  1. List of Districts and Rules

    You may access a list of districts for viewing and downloading district rules and regulations.

  2. Search the District Rules Database

    You may search one district's rule book or simultaneously all district rulebooks. After entering the key words or rule number you want to search for, select the district you want to search. If you want to conduct a statewide search, select "Statewide Search."

    Please note: If you are looking for superseded rules (older rules that have been replaced by newer revised rules) please contact us to request a copy.

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  3. California Air District Map for District Rules

  4. District Look Up

    If you know a city name or ZIP code but do not know its associated district, please go to our district look-up by ZIP code, city or by county database.

Rule Development Resources

Included below are links to rule development resources that district and CARB rule development staff should find useful.

Procedures for District Rule Submittals to CARB (Formerly "Electronic Rule Reviews")

Procedures for electronically submitting rules for CARB review.

Rules Log Database (RLDB)

CARB's database of rules that were submitted to U.S. EPA as revisions to the State Implementation Plan (SIP).

SIP Action Log

U.S. EPA's listing of district rules which are in the SIP. It includes the Federal Register citation, submittal and rulemaking dates, and a copy of the Applicable SIP rule.

Federal Register

U.S. EPA's listing of Federal Register pages pertaining to environmental rulemakings dating back to 1994.


These forms are for California air districts to use for SIP submittals:

EPA's "Little Blue Book"

A reference to help districts and CARB develop rules that meet federal criteria for incorporation into the SIP.

CAPCOA-CARB Protocol, "Processing Air Pollution Control District Rules and Regulations"

Describes district and CARB procedures for the development of rules.

All Feasible Measures

This document presents and explains the approach of "all feasible measures" as performance standards for stationary sources.

Best Available Control Technology (BACT) Clearinghouse

The Best Available Control Technology (BACT) Clearinghouse includes a searchable database for California BACT and "lowest achievable emission rate" (LAER) determinations dating back to 1985.

Alternative California Test Methods

The Alternative California Test Methods page lists California test methods that have been determined by the U.S. EPA, Region IX, to be technically acceptable for inclusion into the SIP. Some districts have books of test methods and laboratory methods. For more information, please contact the district.

District/CARB/U.S. EPA Contact Lists

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