(Amended 08/01/89)

An Authorization to Construct or Permit to Operate registration shall not be required for:

a. Vehicles as defined by the Vehicle Code of the State of California, but not including any article, machine, equipment or other contrivance mounted on such vehicle that would otherwise require a permit under the provisions of these regulations and rules.

b. Vehicles used to transport passengers or freight.

c. Equipment utilized exclusively in connection with any structure, which is designed for and used exclusively as a dwelling for not more than two (2) families.

d. The following equipment:

  1. Comfort air conditioning or comfort ventilating systems which are not designed to remove air contaminants generated by or released from specific units or equipment;
  2. Refrigeration units except those used as, or in conjunction with air pollution control equipment;
  3. Water-cooling towers and water-cooling ponds not used for evaporative cooling or process water, or not used for evaporative cooling of water from barometric jets or from barometric condensers;
  4. Piston-type internal combustion engines used exclusively for agriculture.
  5. Equipment used exclusively for steam cleaning;
  6. Presses used exclusively for extruding metals, minerals, plastics or wood.
  7. Residential incinerators when used for burning of paper or leaves.
  8. Brazing, soldering or welding equipment.

e. Space heaters.

f. Equipment used in eating establishments for the purpose of preparing food for human consumption.

g. Self-propelled mobile construction equipment other than pavements burners.

h. Other sources of minor significance specified by the Air Pollution Control Officer.

I. Agricultural implements used in agricultural operations.

j. On-site farming facilities using general production equipment, in lieu of compliance with other requirements of the Rules and Regulations pertaining to particulate matter, shall be deemed to be of minor significance if the emissions of particulate matter from the facility does not constitute a nuisance off the property and finished product does not exceed 1500 tons per year.