307.1. Definitions

A.     Agricultural Burning.
Any open outdoor fire used in agricultural operations as specified in subdivision B or in the operation or maintenance of a system for the delivery of water for purposes specified in subdivision B. Forest management burning, range improvement burning, or wildland vegetation management burning are allowed under separate Rules (309, 310, and 308, respectively) of this Regulation. (Sections 39011.(a) and 39011.(b))

B.     Agricultural Operation.
The growing and harvesting of crops, or the raising of fowl or animals for the primary purpose of making a profit, or providing a livelihood, or the conduct of agricultural research or instruction by an educational institution. Agricultural operations include forest management, range improvement, improvement of land for wildlife and game habitat, or disease or pest prevention. (Section 39011.(a))

C.     Agricultural Wastes

  1. Unwanted or unsalable material produced wholly from agricultural operations.
  2. Materials not produced wholly from agricultural operations, but which are intimately related to the growing or harvesting of crops and which are used in the fields, such as fertilizer or pesticide sacks or containers where the sacks or containers are emptied in the fields, except as prohibited in this Regulation. This does not include such items as shop wastes, demolition debris, garbage, oil filters, tires, pallets, etc.

307.2. Requirements

A.     Agricultural burning is allowed by complying with the following Rules:

  1. Rule 302 Air Pollution Permit
  2. Rule 303 Burn or No-Burn Day
  3. Rule 304 Burning Management
  4. Rule 305 Minimum Drying Time

B.     Burning conducted by a public agency or through a cooperative agreement or contract involving a public agency, shall comply with Rule 308, instead of this Rule.

307.3. Exceptions

A.     Burning empty sacks or containers which contained pesticides or other toxic substances is exempt form Rule 307.2, provided that the sacks or containers are within the definition of Agricultural Waste, as defined in Rule 307.1.C. (CCR, Title 17, Section 80100.(b))

B.     Burning for the purpose of residential maintenance on agricultural property is exempt from Rule 307.2, provided that the burning meets all the requirements of Rule 311.5, A through E.