304.1. Prohibition
No person required to comply with the provisions of this Rule shall knowingly permit open outdoor fires that do not meet the following requirements.

304.2. Requirements

A.     Material to be burned shall be in a condition to facilitate combustion and minimize the amount of smoke emitted during combustion.

B.     Except for large trees (diameter of six or more inches), only the amount that can reasonably be expected to completely burn within the following twenty-four hours shall be ignited in any one day.

C.     All outdoor fires shall be ignited only with approved ignition devices as defined in Rule 300.2.C.

D.     Material to be burned shall be ignited as rapidly as practicable within applicable fire control restrictions.

E.     The APCO shall regulate burning or require mitigation when the meteorological conditions could otherwise cause smoke to create or contribute to a violation of a state or federal ambient air quality standard or cause a public nuisance.

F.     No material shall be burned unless it is free of tires, rubbish, tar paper, plastic, and demolition debris, is reasonably free of dirt, soil, and moisture, and piled material shall be loosely stacked in a manner to insure combustion.

G.     The APCO shall regulate the total acreage or tonnage that may be burned each day within the APCD.