300.1.     Prohibition.
Except as otherwise provided in this Regulation, no person shall use open outdoor fires for the purpose of disposal or burning of petroleum wastes, demolition debris, tires, tar, trees, wood waste, plastics, or other combustible or flammable solid or liquid waste; or for metal salvage or burning of motor vehicle bodies. (Section 41800)

300.2.     Definitions.
A.     APCD - The Air Pollution Control District of Amador County.

B.     APCO - The Air Pollution Control Officer of Amador County, or designated representative.

C.     Approved Ignition Devices - Those instruments or materials that will ignite open fires without the production of black smoke, including such items as liquid petroleum gas (L.P.G.), butane, propane, or diesel oil burners, flares, or other similar material as approved by the APCO. Tires, tar, tar paper, waste oil, and other similar materials are not approved.

D.     ARB - The California State Air Resources Board, or any person authorized to act on its behalf.

E.     CCR - The California Code of Regulations.

F.     Designated Agency - Any agency authorized by the APCD or ARB as having authority to issue air pollution permits. The U.S. Forest Service, the California Department of Forestry, and the incorporated cities are so designated within their respective areas of jurisdiction within Amador County APCD.

G.    Person - Any person, firm, association, organization, partnership, business, trust, corporation, company, contractor, supplier, installer, operator, user or owner, any government agency or public district, or any officer or employee thereof.

H.    Prescribed Burning - The planned application of fire to vegetation on lands selected in advance of such application, where any of the purposes of the burning are specified in the definition of agricultural burning as set forth in Section 39011.

I.     Section - As used in these Rules and Regulations, unless some other code is specifically mentioned, all section references are to the California Health and Safety Code.