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 The following "WHAT'S NEW" list identifies many topic areas that have been added to the system or revamped. Not all Website changes are reflected on this Webpage.

Date Posted
December 2001
December 26, 2001
  Proposed ATCM for Outdoor Residential Waste Burning
  January 2002 Public Workshops to Discuss Proposed Regulatory Measure
December 20, 2001
  ARB Training Calendar for 2002
  Training Opportunities for Inspectors & Other Environmental Professionals
  Available Only to Environmental Regulators in State & Local Government
  2002 DRAFT Report on San Joaquin Valley NOx Emissions
  Please Comment on Control of These Seasonal Sources
December 12, 2001
  Air Quality Maps: Estimated Cancer Risk from Air Toxics  (This page is no longer available)
  Maps are Available Showing Estimated Cancer Health Risks from Air Toxics
December 7, 2001
  Bay Area Plan Submitted to U.S. EPA
  Letters and Supporting Documentation Available Here
December 3, 2001
  Proposed Environmental Justice Policies & Actions
  Public Meeting on December 13, 2001
  Guidance for Penalty Assessments at Petroleum Refineries
  Public Workshops to Discuss Draft Recommendation
  Residential Waste Burning ATCM
  Workshops - Various Dates and Locations
  Proposed Environmental Justice Policies and Actions
  Time Change -- start of Board meeting only. Item will be heard as scheduled.
  ARB Board Meeting Agenda
  December 13, 2001 in El Monte, CA
November 2001
November 27, 2001
  Learn More About the Stationary Fuel Cell Collaborative
November 26, 2001
  New Residential Waste Burning Air Toxics Control Measure Webpage
  This Page Supports Efforts to Develop an ATCM for Residential Waste Burning
November 21, 2001
  2002 Future Car Congress
  Dr. Alan Lloyd Participates on the Executive Committee
November 19, 2001
  Proposed Environmental Justice Policies and Actions
  View the meeting notice and proposed policies in English & Spanish.
  New Title V Permits Search Engine - Link Expired
  All Title V Permit PDF Files Now Searchable
November 15, 2001
  Inviting Nominations!!
  Proposed Environmental Justice Policies
  View the proposed environmental justice policies
November 14, 2001
  Proposed Environmental Justice Policies and Actions
  Workshops on November 13 & 15, 2001
  Composite Wood Products
  Workgroup Meeting Notice & Presentation Now Available
November 9, 2001
  Electronic ARB Board Book
  The Board Book for November 15, 2001 is Now Available
November 6, 2001
  Availability of California Motor Vehicle Service Information
  Public Hearing to Consider Adoption of Regulations, 12/13/01
November 5, 2001
  ARB Board Meeting Agenda
  Sacramento - November 15, 2001
October 2001
October 31, 2001
  Composite Wood Products ATCM Website and List Serve
  Closer Look as a Formaldehyde Emission Source
October 23, 2001
  New Environmental Tobacco Smoke Website
  Environmental Tobacco Smoke Under Review as a Toxic Air Contaminant
October 22, 2001
  ARB Board Meeting Agenda
  November 1, 2001, in Oakland
  Electronic ARB Board Book
  Now Available for October 25, 2001
October 14, 2001
  ARB Board Meeting Agenda
  October 25, 2001, in Monterey, California
October 10, 2001
  NARSTO PM Assessment
  Room Change to Training Room East and West, First Floor
  2001 Bay Area Plan
  Notice of Continuation of Public Hearing Posted
  Public Review for Draft Amendment of ARB VAVR Regulations
  October 25, Sierra Hearing Room
September 2001
September 28, 2001
  NARSTO PM Assessment - Open Meeting to Comment on Internal Review Draft
  October 12 & 13, Coastal Hearing Room
  Public Hearing re: Vapor Recovery Systems
  Defects Impairing Effectiveness in Motor Fueling Operations
  Public Hearing re: Low Emission Vehicle Regulation
  Particulate Stds. for Gas Vehicles, Stds. for Fuel-fired Heaters
  Public Hearing re: Distributed Generation
  New Regulation Concerning Certification Program
September 24, 2001
  2001 Bay Area Plan
  Public Hearing November 1, 2001 in Oakland
September 20, 2001
  Electronic Board Book
  Posted for the 9/20/01 Board Meeting
September 19, 2001
  Vapor Recovery Certification & Test Procedure Regulations
  Public Hearing on October 25, Consider Adoption & Amendment
  Air Toxics 'Hot Spots' Fee Regulation for FY 2001-2002
  Public Hearing on October 25, to Consider Amendments
  2007 and Subsequent Model Year New Heavy-Duty Diesel Engines
  Public Hearing on 10/25 Re More Stringent Emission Standards
September 7, 2001
  ARB Board Meeting Agenda
  September 20-21, 2001, in Sacramento
September 4, 2001
  Fleet Rule & Reporting Requirements/Urban Bus Transit Agencies
  Public Meeting to Consider Status Report on 9/20/01 in Sacramento
August 2001
August 28, 2001
  Joint Staff Workshop (September 17 & 18, 2001) Sponsored by CEC & ARB
August 27, 2001
  Enhanced Vapor Recovery Workshop
  October 9, 2001 for Technical Review due April 2002
August 22, 2001
  Public Workshop 9/5/01 Re Retrofit Verification Procedure
  On-Road, Off-Road, & Stationary Diesel-Fueled Vehicles & Equipment
August 15, 2001
  Uniform Penalties for Violations of A/Q Laws Occurring at Petroleum Refineries
  Public Consultation Meetings to Develop a Guidance Document
  Regulatory and Non-regulatory Fuels Activities for 2001
  Public Meeting on 8/29/01 in Carson, CA
  New In-Use Performance Standards for On-Road HD Diesel Vehicles
  Public Workshops 9/4/01 & 9/5/01 Multiple Locations
August 14, 2001
  ICAT Workshop in Sacramento 9/5/01
  For Prospective Grant Applicants
August 7, 2001
  Rice Straw Demonstration Project Grant Fund Workshop
  Proposed Amendments to Funding Criteria
August 6, 2001
  Cal/EPA Library-Environmental Impact Report Listing Database
  EIR/EIS submissions under CEQA
August 3, 2001
  2001 Bay Area Plan
  This Item Has Been Continued Until the September Board Hearing
  Public Hearing Notice
  Notice for September 20, 2001 Automotive and Mobile Equipment Coatings ATCM
  Professor Glen Cass Passed Away
  Memorial Service Plans (9/21/01) Now Known
  ARB Draft 2001 Strategic Plan
  View and submit comments on ARB's Draft 2001 Strategic Plan
August 2, 2001
  ARB Enforcement Program Webpage
  Boardwide Enforcement Activities Now Available from One Location
August 1, 2001
  Vapor Recovery Equipment Defects
  Title 17 Update Workshop August 16, 2001
July 2001
July 31, 2001
  In Memory of Esteemed Professor Glen Cass
  ARB Officially Recognized Professor Cass's Lifetime of Greatness & Achievement
July 27, 2001
  Public Hearing re: Asbestos ATCM
  For Construction, Grading, Quarrying, and Surface Mining
  Public Hearing re: Marine Spark Engines
  Emissions Standards and Test Porcedures for 2003 and Later
July 20, 2001
  Electronic ARB Board Book
  The Board Book for July 26-27, 2001 is Now Available On-Line
July 16, 2001
  On-Bord Diagnostics II Workshop
  El Monte, CA on July 18, 2001
  Strategic Plan for Research 2001-2010
  July 26th Board Meeting in San Francisco
  Public Meeting re: Approval of California's 2001 Emission Inventory - Link Expired
  July 26th Board Meeting in San Francisco
  ARB Board Meeting
  Thrusday, July 26th in San Francisco
  Dr. Lloyd's Presentation of the AWMA Diesel Critical Review
  Friday, July 20, 10 am at El Monte, California
June 2001
June 28, 2001
  Status Report on Ozone Transport Mitigation Strategies
  Public Meeting on 7/26/01 in San Francisco
  Revision to the Ozone SIP for the San Francisco Bay Area
  Public Hearing in San Francisco on 7/26/01
  VAVR Staff Report
  Voluntary Accelerated Vehicle Retirement Proposed Regulation Update
  2001 Bay Area SIP
  View ARB's Staff Report & Hearing Notice
June 22, 2001
  California Air Pollution Control Laws
  2001 Edition Now Available Electronically
June 21, 2001
  Electronic ARB Board Book
  The Board Book for June 28-29, 2001 is Now Available On-Line
June 18, 2001
  ARB Board Meeting
  Thursday, June 28 in Sacramento
  Public Consultation Meetings Re Distributed Generation
  Various Locations - July 11, 17, 18 & 19, 2001
  ARB's Regulatory and Non-Regulatory Fuel Activities for 2001
  Public Meeting in Sacramento on July 12, 2001
  In-Station Diagnostics Vapor Recovery
  Workshop in Sacramento on June 20, 2001
June 11, 2001
  New List Serve Established
  Subscribe to CALGRID Model
  Board Hearing 7/26/01
  Asbestos ATCM for Construction, Grading, Quarrying, Surface Mining
  Board Hearing 7/26/01
  2003 and Later Spark-Ignition Inboard and Sterndrive Marine Engines
  New Dioxins Program Website
  See What ARB is Doing to Reduce the Public's Exposure
June 4, 2001
  Two New Full Text Search Engines
  Please See Our Revised Search Engine Top Page
May 2001
May 29, 2001
  Ozone Mitigation Requirements
  Public Consultation Meeting - Sacramento
May 24, 2001
  Vapor Recovery Certification & Compliance Test Procedures Workshop
  June 20, 2001 in Sacramento
  Aboveground Storage Tanks Vapor Recovery Workshop
  June 21, 2001, in Sacramento
May 22, 2001
  Discuss DRAFT 2001 Progress Report on Phase Down of Rice Straw Burning - Link Expired
  Public Workshop to Discuss Burning in the Sacramento Valley
May 17, 2001
  May 29th and 31st Workshops in Sacramento and El Monte
May 16, 2001
  New List Serve Available
  Subscribe to PM2.5 Monitoring Network Report List
  California ZEV Regulations - Public Hearing 6/28/01
  Majority Owned Small/Intermed. Volume Mfg. & Infrastructure Standardization
May 10, 2001
  New List Serve has been Added
  Subscribe to Automotive Coatings
  Scientific Review Panel Meeting - Agenda
  So. San Francisco Conference Center, May 14, 2001 9:00 a.m.
May 8, 2001
  ARB Board Meeting - Agenda
  Huntington Park, California, on May 17, 2001
May 4, 2001
  Save our Air and Money on a New Battery-Powered Lawnmower
May 3, 2001
  California Motor Vehicle Service Information Program
  SB1146 Requires Manufacturers to Provide Emissions-Related Service Information
May 2, 2001
  Electronic ARB Board Book
  The Board Book for April 26, 2001 is Now Available On-Line
April 2001
April 26, 2001
  ARB's Regulatory & Non-Regulatory Fuel Activities for 2001
  Public Meeting on May 18, 2001
April 25, 2001
  Scientific Review Panel on Toxic Air Contaminants
  Notice of Public Meeting in Los Angeles, CA, on April 27, 2001
April 20, 2001
  Recipients of Haagen-Smit Clean Air Awards
  Winners are Dr. John R. Holmes & Senator Byron Sher
April 18, 2001
  Retrofit Verification Procedure Public Workshop, May 10, 2001
  On-Road, Off-Road, & Stationary Diesel-Fueled Vehicles & Equipment
April 17, 2001
  Carl Moyer Program Status Report
  Public Meeting on April 26, 2001
April 16, 2001
  ARB Board Meeting - Sacramento
  Thursday, April 26, 2001
April 12, 2001
  California's Parking Cash-Out Law
  ARB's Informational Guide for Employers
April 10, 2001
  Airborne Toxic Control Measure (Hexavalent Chromium & Cadmium Emissions)
  Public Workshop in Sacramento on May 9, 2001
April 6, 2001
  Public Workshop on 4/11/01
  Proposed Regulations/California Motor Vehicle Service Information
  Rulemaking Workshop - April 18, 2001
April 5, 2001
  New List Serve for What's New on ARB's Website
  Subscribe If You Want All What's New Updates
April 4, 2001
  Transit Bus Rule
  Public Workshop on April 26, 2001
  ARB Fuels Workshop for 2001 Regulatory Activities
  April 5, 2001 - Revised Agenda
March 2001
March 26, 2001
  2001 California Almanac of Emissions and Air Quality
  Air Quality and Emission Trends and Forecasts
March 23, 2001
  Title V Operating Permits Program
  This website has been totally revamped to be more user friendly.
  Emission Reduction Credit Offsets Report for 2000
  The Cost of Offsets Report with the 2000 data are now available.
  New List Serve Added
  Ambient Air Quality Standards
March 21, 2001
  NEW Coatings Website
  A Consolidation of Coatings Activities on our Website
March 20, 2001
  Calif. Air Tech 2001: November 5-6, 2001 Conference
  Urban Air Pollution Technologies & Solutions
  Distributed Generation (SB 1298) Subcommittee Meetings
  Tuesday, March 27, 2001 in Sacramento
March 19, 2001
  Annual Statewide Air Quality Conference for Elected Officials
March 14, 2001
  Alternative Control Plan (ACP) Regulation
  Public Workshop on Possible Amendments, April 5, in Sacramento
March 12, 2001
  Assessment of the Impacts of Transported Pollutants on Ozone Concentrations
  Public Hearing to Consider Amendments, 4/26/01 in Sacramento
  Regulatory and Non Regulatory Fuels Activities for 2001
  Public Meeting April 5, 2001, in Sacramento
March 9, 2001
  Public Consultation Meeting - March 12, 2001, Sacramento, CA
  Discuss an Asbestos ATCM for Construction, Grading, Quarrying, and Surface Mining Operations
  Consumer Products Working Group Meeting - Clean Air Plan
  Thursday, March 15, 2001, Sacramento, California
March 6, 2001
  Multi Media Chrome Plating Project
  Final Report Available On Line
March 1, 2001
  Scientific Review Panel on Toxic Air Contaminants
  Public Meeting, March 5, 2001, Riverside, California
  Rice Straw Supply Recommendations Workshop
  Wednesday, March 7, 2001, Yuba City, California
  March 28 & 29, 2001, Fish Camp, California
  Diesel Programs Website Structural Changes
  Diesel-related programs are now accessible via one main page; diesel website addresses have changed.
February 2001
February 23, 2001
  May 29 through June 1, 2001 - San Diego, California - Sign up today!
February 16, 2001
  Zero Emission Vehicle Outreach and Public Information
  Public Workshop Scheduled in El Monte on 2/26/01
February 15, 2001
  Compliance Training Program Updates
  The 2001 Calendar Year Course Descriptions are Now Available
February 14, 2001
  Visit the New Energy Area of ARB Website
  Merging Governor Executive Orders, Distributed Generation & Guidance for Power Plant Siting
  Distributed Generation (DG)Subcommittee Meetings
  DG Subcommittee Meetings to be Held at ARB on 2-15-01
  Public Workshop on February 27, 2001
February 13, 2001
  Development & Implementation of Outreach & Public Information Plan for ZEV
  Public Workshop on February 26, 2001
  Environmental Health Conditions in California Portable Classrooms
  Various Workshops to Discuss a Comprehensive Study
  Carl Moyer Program
  List Serve Now Available
February 9, 2001
  ARB Board Meeting
  Richmond, California on February 22, 2001
February 6, 2001
  1997 Southern California Ozone Study
  Data Analysis Conference, February 13 - 15, 2001, Diamond Bar, CA
February 1, 2001
  Air Issues Related to Community Health
  Public Meeting February 22, 2001 in Richmond, California
  Impacts of California Phase 3 Reformulated Gasoline
  Public Meeting February 6, 2001, El Monte, California
January 2001
January 29, 2001
  California Senate Bill 1865
  Nominations Invited
  First Annual Haagen-Smit Clean Air Awards
January 25, 2001
  Voluntary Accelerated Vehicle Retirement Programs
  Side-by-Side Comparison between BAR Vehicle Retirement Rules and CARB
January 23, 2001
  Zero Emission Vehicle Regulations
  Public Hearing to Consider Amendments
  Energy Challenge for California
  Energy Tips for Consumers, Businesses, and Schools
January 22, 2001
  Board Meeting Activities Search Engine
  Now You Can Search Board Agendas, Summaries, or Transcripts
January 18, 2001
  ARB Fuels Workshop for 2001 Regulatory Activities
  February 6, 2001 in El Monte, California
January 17, 2001
  SCOS 97 - NARSTO 2001 Data Analysis Conference
  February 13-15,2001 SCOS 97 - NARSTO 2001 Data Analysis Conference
  California Air Quality Data Available on CD-ROM (1980-1999)
  Information on latest CD.
January 16, 2001
  Revised Webpage - Permits, Certifications, Registrations
  New Stationary Source Permitting Overview of ARBs Role
January 15, 2001
  ARB Board Meeting - Sacramento
  Thursday, January 25-26, 2001
January 9, 2001
  Innovative Clean Air Technologies Workshop-Link Expired
  Public Workshop January 26, 2001, in Sacramento
January 4, 2001
  Distributed Generation Work Group Meeting Canceled
  January 9, 2001 Meeting Has Been Canceled & Will Be Rescheduled
  Innovative Clean Air Technologies Co-Funding Proposals - Link Expired
  Public Meeting to Consider Recommendations - 1/25/01

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