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PLEASE NOTE: Verifications are issued chronologically.  The most recently issued Executive Order or individual attachment is the one which is currently in effect and is listed below each manufacturer’s verification.  The most recent Executive Order supersedes any previous Executive Orders for the same product.   Should you wish to view any previous Executive Orders or attachments for reference purposes related to a manufacturer’s verification, please click on the associated link below each description.

Carrier Transicold’s Legacy Engine Emissions System (Carrier Legacy EES) has been fully verified as a Level 3 Plus diesel emission control strategy that reduces particulate matter (PM) emissions by 85 percent or more without increasing NO2 emissions more than 20 percent of NOx.  The Carrier Legacy EES is verified for use on Carrier TRU models (X2-Series, XT-Series, XTC-series, Genesis TM900, Genesis TM1000, Ultra XL (with and without standby), Vector 6500, and 6600MT) equipped with model year 2004 through 2012 Kubota engines.  Only engines listed on the Carrier Legacy EES' Engine Family List below are potentially eligible for use with the Carrier Legacy EES, if they also meet other terms and conditions for use.  There is no limit on the accrued hours of operation at time of installation; but engines must be maintained in accordance with Carrier’s specifications.  The Carrier Legacy EES uses an automatic filter regeneration system to oxidize the collected diesel soot and control engine backpressure to within the engine manufacture’s specifications.  The regeneration system uses an engine intake air control valve, a diesel fuel doser, a flameless diesel oxidation catalyst, and a catalyzed silicon carbide wall-flow filter with an electronic control unit to achieve reliable backpressure control.  Double-wall insulation is used to reduce exhaust system component surface temperatures, providing operator and equipment safety.  The Legacy EES uses commercially available fuel that meets the federal and California sulfur limits – the same fuel sold at trucks stops in the U.S.A.  Lab and field tests showed fuel consumption increased less than 1 percent with the Legacy EES, compared to baseline.  The terms and conditions for which the Carrier Legacy EES has been approved may be found in ARB’s Executive Order listed below.


X2 Series

Genesis Series

Vector 6500/6600 Series


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