California's Diesel Risk Reduction Plan

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Meeting Summary

Agricultural Working Group Meeting

- May 30, 2001 -

The Air Resources Board (ARB) staff conducted its first meeting of the Agricultural Working Group (AgWG) on May 30, 2001. The AgWG was created to provide a forum to discuss the concerns of California's agricultural community with the implementation of ARB's Diesel Risk Reduction Plan (RRP). This group is advisory in nature and it will assist ARB staff in developing workable approaches to significantly reduce diesel particulate matter (diesel PM) from diesel-fueled equipment used solely in agricultural operations.

ARB staff presented the guiding principles and goals of the AgWG and a brief review of the Diesel RRP. ARB staff also presented updates on our current implementation activities, including a summary of the agricultural outreach meetings held throughout California, the agricultural demonstration projects planned and underway, the stationary source diesel-fueled engine control measures under development and the proposed emissions inventory for stationary irrigation pumps.

Staff of the University or California at Davis presented a brief overview of their pre-proposal to gather test data from retrofitting agricultural tractors with diesel particulate filters. Following this presentation was a brief update on the activities in the Market Incentives Workgroup, which is one of the work groups of the International Diesel Retrofit Advisory Committee.

Most issues and concerns discussed were related to the feasibility of retrofitting agricultural equipment with DPFs, where we should focus our efforts, implementation of the retrofit demonstration project, and the current and proposed emission inventory for irrigation pumps. A commitment was made to hold a meeting before the end of June to further discuss issues and concerns the agricultural community has with ARB's emissions inventory for equipment used in agricultural operations.

The slide show presentations from this meeting are available to view online or download in the Adobe Acrobat printable format. 

California's Diesel Risk Reduction Plan