California's Diesel Risk Reduction Plan

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Meeting Summary

Public Consultation Meeting to Discuss Air Toxic
Control Measures (ATCMs) to Reduce Particulate
Matter (PM) Emissions from New and Existing
Diesel-Fueled Stationary and Portable Engines

- February 14, 2001 -

Air Resources Board (ARB) staff held the first stationary / portable diesel-fueled engine ATCM development consultation meeting on February 14, 2001. At the meeting, ARB staff presented the public process that will be followed for the ATCM development, the possible regulatory approaches that will be considered, and the formation of workgroups to help facilitate the ATCM development.

ARB staff also presented options for new and existing diesel engines and options for regulating transport refrigeration units. Staff discussed the interim procedures for verification of emission reductions from retrofit devices, their recent outreach efforts to the agricultural community, the availability of very-low sulfur diesel fuel, and the status of various catalyzed diesel particulate filter demonstrations throughout the state.

Additional presentations were made by consultation meeting attendees. Mark Chang of Booz Allen Hamilton discussed studies they are engaged in on behalf of the Construction Industry Air Quality Coalition. Graham Noyes, representing World Energy, presented the benefits of biodiesel.

The slide show presentations from this meeting are available to view online or download in PDF format.

California's Diesel Risk Reduction Plan