International Diesel Retrofit Advisory Committee

This page last reviewed May 29, 2008

Mission Statement

To advise ARB staff on the technical issues associated with the retrofit of diesel PM controls on stationary, portable, and agricultural diesel engines.

Workgroup Objectives

  • To provide technical information for specifying the appropriate catalyst-based diesel particulate filters for specific vehicle or engine applications applicable to agricultural operations.

  • To assist in developing specific demonstration projects for diesel-fueled engines or vehicles solely used in agricultural operations.

  • To encourage catalyst-based diesel particulate filters manufacturers to participate in the demonstration projects.

  • To assist in identifying unusual vehicle and / or engine operating modes in agricultural operations that would present a technical challenge to
    catalyst-based diesel particulate filters effectiveness and durability.

  • To openly share test data from all demonstration programs, as well as all
    non-proprietary technical data.

  • To identify costs for retrofit devices.

  • To enhance communication between manufacturers of retrofit devices, engine and equipment manufacturers, and end-users regarding technical concerns and solutions.

  • To perform an advisory role in providing technical information regarding diesel PM controls.

Workgroup Meeting Summaries (Adobe Acrobat Format)

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