International Diesel Retrofit Advisory Committee (IDRAC) Members

This page last reviewed May 29, 2008

The committee members will provide ARB with expertise vital to the achievement of our goal of successfully implementing the Diesel Retrofit Program.



John Amdall  Caterpillar
Mike Applegate Applegate Trucking
Richard Baldwin Ventura County Air Pollution Control District
Bruce Bertelsen Manufacturers of Emission Controls Association
Todd Campbell Coalition for Clean Air
Coralie Cooper NESCAUM
Cynthia Cory California Farm Bureau Federation
Norman Covell Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District
David Crow San Joaquin Valley Unified Air Pollution Control District
Manuel Cunha, Jr. Nisei Farmer's League
Lennart Erlandsson MTC AB Sweden
Adrian Fernandez-Bremauntz El Instituto Nacional de Ecologia
Chester J. France US Enivornmental Protection Agency
Stephen Frasch Cinco Group, Inc.
Axel Friedrich Umweltbundesamt
Ellen Garvey Bay Area Air Quality Management District
Richard Gibbs New York State Dept. of Environmental Conservation
Norma Glover South Coast Air Quality Management District Board
Vice Chair
Gregory Green US Enivornmental Protection Agency
Douglas F. Henderson Western States Petroleum Association
Timothy V. Johnson Corning Environmental Technologies
Bob Jorgensen Cummins
Barbara Lee Northern Sonoma County Air Pollution Control District
Jacques Lemaire AEEDA
Charles LeTavec BP
Jed Mandel Engine Manufacturers Association
Andreas Mayer TTM
Diane McKeon Johnson Matthey
Dave Nicholls Department of Defense, U.S. Navy
Dorriah L. Page Ceryx Inc.
Jim Philips Ingersoll-Rand Equipment Sales
Joseph H. Povey Joseph H. Povey Consultants
Patrick Raher The Diesel Technology Forum
Gail Ruderman-Feuer Natural Resources Defense Council
Robert F. Sawyer UC Berkeley
Kevin Shanahan Cummins West
Warren Slodowske International Truck & Engine Corp.
Richard Sommerville San Diego County Air Pollution Control District
Susan Stark BP
Jeb Stuart Construction Industry Air Quality Coalition
James Thomas Pool Well Services Co.
Timothy Tindall Detroit Diesel Corporation
Denise Viola Englehard
Barry Wallerstein South Coast Air Quality Management District
Michael Walsh Independent International Consultant
Stephanie Williams California Trucking Association

California's Diesel Risk Reduction Plan
International Diesel Retrofit Advisory Committee