International Diesel Retrofit Advisory Committee (IDRAC)

This page last reviewed June 3, 2008

The second meeting of the International Diesel Retrofit Advisory Committee (IDRAC) was held on February 5-6, 2001, at the Doubletree Hotel in Pasadena. The meeting was held in conjunction with the Diesel Emission Control Retrofit Users Conference sponsored by Corning Incorporated on February 6-7, 2001. Annette Hebert, Chief of the Heavy-Duty Diesel In-Use Strategies Branch, MSCD, and Alex Santos from the Stationary Source Division made presentations to the advisory committee concerning the retrofit plan for on and off-road vehicles and stationary / portable engines. The committee formed four subgroups (workgroups) that met separately on the afternoon of the first session to address more specific issues in effecting a successful diesel retrofit program for California. Each workgroup reported to the committee on the results of their discussions the following day. The next meeting of the IDRAC will be in June.

International Diesel Retrofit Advisory Committee