Area Designations - 2001

This page updated March 29, 2005

This website area provides information about the ARB's 2001 activity with respect to the designation of areas in California for the State Ambient Air Quality Standards.

In 2001, staff reviewed the available air quality data and determined that only certain minor changes to the State designations were appropriate. Pursuant to Health and Safety Code section 40925.5(a), these changes took place by operation of law, without consideration by the Board. No workshop was held, and no formal notices were issued. However, staff did prepare a report, documenting the changes.

2001 Area Designation Staff Report Cover

2001 Area Designation Staff Report

Attachment A: Relevant Sections of the Health and Safety Code

Attachment B: Text of the Designation Criteria

Attachment C: Maps and Tables of the Area Designations for State and National Ambient Air Quality Standards

Attachment D: Text of Changes to the Area Designations

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Area Designation Changes