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This page updated April 29, 2003.

The California Air Resources Board has modified and implemented an open source indexing and query software, Swish-E, to create an archive of public and working documents for shared use by both ARB staff and public stakeholders. The ARB implementation of Swish-E takes advantage of the highly configurable nature of the software to create indexes of program specific areas of the ARB website and enable the searching of the archive within specific subject areas. Also, our design enables searching by keyword, but is intentionally limited to top level pages, for a search of what we call "ARB's Most Popular Pages."

The ARB implementation of Swish-E consists of a slightly modified installation of Swish-E, augmented by unix shell scripts, CGI scripts, and multiple indexing jobs run from the unix cron daemon. The CGI interface, written in Perl, extracts information from Swish-E and formats it for presentation on the web.

The open source indexing software Swish-E is available along with its documentation at the Swish-E website: http://swish-e.org/

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ARB wishes to recognize and thank Bill Moseley and the rest of the Swish-E development team for offering the Swish-E software to the internet community, and for their consistent and professional assistance during the development of the ARB implementation of this highly configurable and stable software.

This software won an Outstanding Information Systems Award from the Executive Institute in May 2002.


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