January 17, 1997

Dear Sir or Madam:

Enclosed you will find the Reporting Forms for

Submitting 1996 Data Required by the Antiperspirant and

Deodorant Regulation.

As you know, amendments to the Regulation for

Reducing Volatile Organic Compound Emissions from

Antiperspirants and Deodorants (the "antiperspirant and

deodorant regulation"; sections 94500-94506.5, Title 17,

California Code of Regulations) were approved by the Air

Resources Board (ARB) on September 28, 1995, and became

legally effective on March 30, 1996. As part of the

amendments to the regulation, the reporting requirement

was modified to require yearly reporting of sales and

volatile organic compound information. These reports are

due on March 1 of every year.

Enclosed are the forms we ask you to use when

submitting these data. The reporting forms for submitting

1996 data remain largely unchanged. A minor revision has

been made by adding "pump" as a separate product form,

rather than including it in the "other" product form category

as in previous surveys. A definition for "pump product" has

been added to the definitions.

Please use the enclosed reporting forms for submitting

the 1996 data and send to the ARB by March 1, 1997. Please

complete the attached survey forms according to the

instructions provided. The address to use when returning

the survey is included under the survey directions, as are

contact names if you have any questions regarding how to

fill out the survey.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. If you

should have any questions or need further information,

please call Ms. Julie Billington, Technical Evaluation

Section, at (916) 327-1516.


Genevieve A. Shiroma, Chief

Air Quality Measures Branch


cc: Ms. Julie Billington

Technical Evaluation Section

Air Quality Measures Branch

Stationary Source Division