The General Consumer Products Regulation

This page last reviewed November 30, 2011

Article 2: Regulation for Reducing Emissions from Consumer Products

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Additional Information

  • Clarification to the Regulation of Automotive Windshield Washer Fluid
  • Information on Certified Charcoal Lighter Material
  • Global Warming Potential (GWP) Values for Compounds Used in Pressurized Gas Dusters
    2007 IPCC Report:  GWP Values can be found in Chapter 2, "Changes in Atmospheric Constituents and in-Radiative Forcing," Table 2.14, pages 212-213.  Table 2.14 includes the Fourth Assessment Report GWP values and as a courtesy to the reader, a column with the Second Assessment Report 100-year GWP values.  Table 2.15, page 215 includes GWP values for select organic compounds.

The Consumer Products Regulation is currently in the process of being amended:

The 2009 Formal Rulemaking

The 2010 Proposed Amendments