Program Guidance

This page last reviewed April 21, 2016

The California Air Resources Board developed the following regulatory guidance documents to clarify specific sections of the Consumer Products Regulation.  Unlike the regulation itself, this guidance does not have the force of law.  It is not intended to and cannot establish new mandatory requirements beyond those that are already in the Consumer Products Regulation, and it does not supplant, replace or amend any of the legal requirements of the regulation.  Conversely, this guidance’s omission or truncation of regulatory requirements does not relieve responsible parties of their legal obligation to fully comply with all requirements of the regulation.



Guidance Pertaining to the Two Percent Fragrance Exemption and Limonene

Informative guidance document to clarify use of limonene in specific consumer product categories.

Guidance Pertaining to Gear, Chain or Wire Lubricant Product Labeling

Informative guidance document for Gear, Chain or Wire Lubricant product labeling.

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