Multi-purpose Solvent and Paint Thinner Products Special Reporting Requirements

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Section 94513(g) of the Consumer Products Regulation requires Responsible Parties for Multi-purpose Solvent and Paint Thinner products to submit specific data for products sold, supplied, offered for sale, or manufactured for sale in California. The data are necessary as part of Air Resources Board (ARB) staff’s assessment on the feasibility of the three percent by weight volatile organic compound (VOC) limits scheduled to become effective on December 31, 2013.
Responsible Parties or formulators for Multi-purpose Solvent and Paint Thinner products must report the following information:

To help us fully evaluate the feasibility of the three percent VOC limits, you should report the same data for products that are labeled as acetone, denatured alcohol, linseed oil, methyl ethyl ketone (MEK), mineral spirits, naphtha, odorless mineral spirits, or turpentine as the product name or part of the product name. You should also report data on any products that meet the definition of multi-purpose solvents and/or paint thinners except they are sold in a form other than liquid (for example, aerosol). Also report products designed for paint clean-up and/or surface preparation.

You may be aware that we are considering future amendments that would change how VOC content is determined for these categories. One approach would be to ‘count’ LVP-VOC content when determining compliance with the limits. Other potential amendments would clarify the types of paint thinning products that are not subject to the VOC limits (e.g. Industrial Maintenance Coating Thinners). We will also use these data to evaluate whether the definitions for multi-purpose solvent and paint thinner should include all product forms (not just liquid). The goal of these amendments would be to ensure that predicted emission reductions from adoption of Rule 1143: Consumer Paint Thinners and Multi-Purpose Solvents in the South Coast Air Quality Management District and the State’s regulation are achieved. In completing these forms you may want to consider these potential changes and the impacts on your research and development efforts.

Air Resources Board (ARB) staff requests that all information required be submitted by September 17, 2012. The forms provided below can be used to fulfill the reporting requirements:


Notification Letter

Confidential Information Form

Form 1 - Responsible Party Identification and Contact Information

Form 2 - List of Multi-purpose Solvent and Paint Thinner Products

Form 3 - Current Product Information

Form 4 - Research and Development Prototype Product Information

Form 5 - Product Development Summary

Form 6 - Summary of Research and Develpment (R&D) Costs

Forms Submission

Electronic Submittal:

Email completed forms to: Minh Pham at

Mail Submittal:

Send completed forms to:

California Air Resources Board;
Attn: Minh Pham, Consumer Products Program, PTSD;
PO Box 2815; Sacramento, CA 95812.



Name Phone Email
Minh Pham (916) 324-0226

The complete text of the Consumer Products Regulation can be found at: /consprod/regs/gencpregs.htm.

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