Fuel Containers

This page last reviewed February 13, 2018


The Air Resources Board, Monitoring and Laboratory Division staff is evaluating various fuel containers for emissions reduction controls.  The types of fuel containers include Portable Fuel Containers, Outboard Marine Tanks, Portable Refueling Stations, Recreational Vehicle Fueling Systems, Truck/Trailer Fueling Tanks, and Mobile Fuelers. These fuel containers and the associated equipment are a significant source of hydrocarbon emissions.  The control strategies for these types of fuel containers include evaporation control, permeation control, and control of liquid leaks. Regulations covering these types of fuel containers are expected to reduce hydrocarbon emissions by more than 100 ton per day.

In addition to the fuel containers, staff is evaluating the process of transferring fuel into the fuel containers and then the transfer of fuel from the fuel container into an equipment fuel tank. This area of concern is called the Innovative Fuel Transfer Technology program. For more information please click on the link below.

Below you will find links to the fuel container types for which we currently have a website.


For general information regarding any of the above, please contact Angus MacPherson at (916) 445-4686.