Automotive Refinishing Pollution Prevention Outreach Program

This page last reviewed March 11, 2011

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In addition to receiving immediate feedback on increased transfer efficiency during Spray Technique Analysis and Research (STAR®) training, material usage for those spray technicians participating in the Automotive Refinishing Pollution Prevention was tracked for six months to determine "real life" emission reductions.

For three months prior to receiving STAR® training, automotive refinishing shop owners collected materials usage data and repair order information for each technician. Upon successful completion of STAR® training, each spray technician was issued a Laser Touch® targeting device to use. Data was collected for three months after training and then compared to the data collected prior to training to determine if the spray technican applied the techniques acquired and achieved emission reductions.

Custom Auto Body
7939 Raytheon Road
San Diego, CA
Paint usage and emissions were reducted by 14% after sending their spray technician through the training. 

D & M Auto Body
1085 Eastshore Drive
Albany, CA 
Realized 39% decrease in paint usage and emissions after their two technicians returned from training. 

George Arth & Son
110 10th Street
Oakland, CA
Sent two technicians to the training and reduced their paint usage and emissions by 3%.

3215 Production Avenue
Oceanside, CA
A decrease of 45% in paint usage and emissions was the direct result of two technicians receiving training.

Larkfield body and Paint
15 Larkcenter Drive
Santa Rosa, CA
Four painters participated in the training program and they collectively achieved 11% reductions in paint usage and emissions.

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