Automotive Refinishing Pollution Prevention Outreach Program

This page last reviewed March 11, 2011

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To advance our goal of cleaner air for communities, the Air Resources Board (ARB) partnered with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) and the Iowa Waste Reduction Center (IWRC) to conduct pollution prevention outreach to automotive refinishing facilities located in low-income, ethnically diverse neighborhoods in California.

The ARB was awarded U.S. EPA Pollution Prevention Incentives for States (PPIS) grant funds to train automotive spray technicians on advanced spray techniques and provide them with technology to reduce emissions during spraying operations. PPIS funding enabled ARB staff to travel to the and establish STARŪ training facilities at Los Angeles Trade-Tech (LATTC), Contra Costa College (CCC), and the Centre City/Skills Center in San Diego; purchase materials and equipment for these facilities' and provide HVLP guns and Laser TouchTM units for spray technicians completing STARŪ training.

In addition to on-going technical assistance, the IWRC has provided funds to enable instructors from LATTC, CCC, and the Skills Cneter to receive training to become certified STARŪ instructors. The IWRC has also provided additional funding for materials and supplies in order to provide STARŪ training for students enrolled in automotive refinishing courses at LATTC.

Contact Ms. Nancy Adams for additional information regarding the Automotive Refinishing Pollution Prevention Outreach Program

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