District Rules for Automotive Refinishing

This page last reviewed June 9, 2014

Current local air districts automotive coatings rules.

Antelope Valley APCD Rule 1151
Bay Area AQMD Rule 8-45
Butte County AQMD Rule 235
El Dorado County APCD Rule 230
Feather River AQMD Rule 3-19
Glenn County APCD Art. IV-105
Colusa County APCD Rule 2-42
Imperial County APCD Rule 427
Kern County APCD Rule 410.1
Mojave Desert AQMD Rule 1116
Placer County APCD Rule 202
Sacramento Metropolitan AQMD Rule 459
San Diego County APCD Rule 67-20-1
San Joaquin Valley Unified APCD
Please Note:
Rule 4602 - Motor Vehicle and Mobile Equipment Coatings Operations was amended 9‑21‑2006.
Rule 4612 - Phase II, Motor Vehicle & Mobile Equipment Coatings Operations was adopted by the district 9‑21‑2006.

Rule 4602
Rule 4612 - Phase II
San Luis Obispo County APCD Rule 423
Santa Barbara County APCD Rule 339
Shasta County  AQMD Rule 3-25
South Coast AQMD Rule 1151
Tehama County APCD Rule 4-35
Ventura County APCD Rule 74-2
Yolo-Solano County AQMD Rule 2-26


APCD or AQMDs in California without an Automotive Refinishings Coating Rule are covered by the United States Environmental Protection Agency's National Automotive Refinishings Coatings Rule.