Children's Environmental Health Workshops

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Staff Report to the Board for the December 6, 2000 Comment Period:

Public Workshops and Air Quality Advisory Committee Meeting to Discuss a Joint Report Entitled "Adequacy of California's Air Quality Standards, Senate Bill 25 - Childrens's Environmental Health Protection." Workshop notices and agendas can be found at the following links: (Word97 - 55K) (PDF - 19K)

The Air Resources Board (Board) and the Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (Office) invite you to participate in a public workshop offered in two locations and an Air Quality Advisory Committee meeting (preliminary agendas are attached to the workshop notice linked above). The workshops and meeting will discuss a joint Board and Office staff report (which can be found at the links listed below) on the adequacy of existing health-based ambient air quality standards to protect public health, including infants and children. Written comments should be submitted by October 4, 2000, in order to be considered at the October meeting of the Air Quality Advisory Committee. Further opportunities for comment will occur before and at the Air Resources Board hearing to consider the recommendations of this report, scheduled for December 7 and 8, 2000.

Staff Report Components for the October 4, 2000 Comment Period:

Executive Summary and Report
Appendix A - Children's Health Studies in California (Word97 - 34K)  (PDF - 20K)
Appendix B - ARB Pollutant Summaries(Word97 - 1,471K)   (PDF - 83K)
Appendix C - Investigator Final Reports
Particulate Matter and Sulfates (Word97 - 524K)   (PDF - 336K)
Ozone (Word97 - 2,457K) (PDF - 1,275K)
Nitrogen Dioxide (Word97 - 3,849K) (PDF - 311K)
Carbon Monoxide (Word97 - 173K) (PDF - 113K)
Hydrogen Sulfide (Word97 - 89K) (PDF - 73K)
Sulfur Dioxide (Word97 - 1,794K) (PDF - 156K)
Lead (Word97 - 108K) (PDF - 78K)