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SB 25 Review of Health-Based California Air Quality Standards

Draft Staff Report for ARB Board Meeting of 12/7-8/00

This page updated December 26, 2000

SB 25 requires review of all health-based ambient air quality standards and a determination if the standards adequately protect public health, especially the health of infants and children. For the ARB meeting of December 7 and 8, 2000, the following DRAFT staff report was presented.

DRAFT Staff Report for the ARB Board Meeting of December 7-8, 2000:

Executive Summary and Report (Word97 - 4,092K) (PDF - 315K) (Revised 11/21/00)
Appendix A - Text of Bill (Word97 - 73K) (PDF - 33K)
Appendix B - Children's Health Studies in California
(Word97 - 30K)  (PDF - 13K)
Appendix C - ARB Pollutant Summaries (Word97 - 1,478K)  (PDF - 72K)
Appendix D - Investigator Final Reports
     Particulate Matter and Sulfates (Word97 - 521K)  (PDF - 435K)
     Ozone (Word97 - 1,389K) (PDF - 285K)
     Nitrogen Dioxide (Word97 - 585K) (PDF - 177K)
     Carbon Monoxide (Word97 - 179K) (PDF - 122K)
     Hydrogen Sulfide (Word97 - 99K) (PDF - 79K)
     Sulfur Dioxide (Word97 - 1,811K) (PDF - 160K)
     Lead (Word97 - 108K) (PDF - 82K)
Appendix E - AQAC and Public Comments (Word97 - 50K) (PDF - 27K)


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