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Land Use and Air Quality Linkage Report

The form and shape that growing cities take in the next several decades will have an important impact on the future air quality of Californa's major metropolitan areas. A growing body of literature and research indicates that land use and transportation strategies can minimize the growth of vehicle trips and vehicle miles traveled, and thus help lessen the air pollution impact of automobiles.

The "Land Use - Air Quality Linkage - 1997 Edition", summarizes data currently available on the relationships between land use, transportation and air quality. It also highlights strategies that can help to reduce the use of the private automobile.

Land Use - Air Quality Linkage Report; How Land Use and Transportation Affect Air Quality
(Word Document - 571K) or (PDF - 242K)

For more information about the Linkage Report, please call (916) 322-0285. To review ARB's Indirect Source Research Study, click here.


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