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community scene with three people talking Learn how businesses and individuals can help improve air quality and reduce public health risks through a combination of established and new air quality programs.

Clean Air Programs
 Despite significant clean air progress in California, air pollution is a widespread problem. The ARB is committed to eliminating the emissions of toxic air pollutants to protect public health. These programs are aimed at reducing statewide, regional, and community exposure to air toxics.
>  Diesel Risk Reduction Plan
>  California Air Toxics Program
>  Enforcement Program
>  Clearinghouse for Mitigation     Measures
Current Actions
>  Truck Inspections >  Smog Checks- >  Carl Moyer Program
>  School Bus Program >  ZEV Program >  Smoke Management
>  Assistance Programs >  Control Measures >  Clean Air Labeling
Clean Air for California Communities
 The Clean Air for California Communities report provides an overview of the Community Health Program.
>  CACC Report—English (PDF)
>  CACC Report—Spanish (PDF)