Information Regarding Senate Bill 352

This page last reviewed October 21, 2010

Senate Bill 352 was written with the intent of protecting school children from health risks posed by pollution from heavy freeway traffic and other nonstationary sources in the same way that they are protected from industrial pollution.

This bill requires school district to ensure that schools are not located on an old hazardous waste site, a hazardous release site, or a site that contains pipelines that carries hazardous substances.

The school district must prepare an environmental impact or negative declaration and consult with local district to identify both permitted and non-permitted facilities, freeways and other busy traffic corridors, large agricultural operations, and railyards. In addition, school site boundaries cannot be located within 500 feet from the edge of the closest traffic lane of a freeway or busy traffic corridor unless appropriate air dispersion modeling shows that the air quality at the proposed site is such that neither a short-term nor long-term exposure poses significant health risks to pupils.

This webpage is designed to provide information to school districts regarding health risks assessments. Links are provided for information only. Inclusion on this list does not constitute specific endorsement for documents not prepared by the State of California.

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Los Angeles Unified School District, Office of Environmental Health and Safety
Guidance on the Assessment of School-Based Risk, Prepared by Bill Piazza