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Risk Map Color Scale: Scaled to Statewide Maximum

Page Reviewed July 28, 2010
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Static color scale: Map colors scaled to maximum statewide risk: 

The cancer inhalation risk maps accessible from this web site all use the same risk value color breakpoints. In other words they have a static scale. For these maps, each color corresponds to the same range of risk values regardless of which map is viewed. There are only two static scales that are used on this web site. One for the maps on the summary map page, and one for both the local trend and the local category-specific maps. For example, for every local map white will mean a lifetime inhalation cancer risk less than or equal to 50 persons in a million.

Viewing static scale maps requires less interpretation than is required for maps where the scale is allowed to vary between the maps, although the viewer should note that for these static scale maps the scale is not linear.

The drawback to a static scale is that, for example, the local maps that contain only low risk values may be totally white, with no evident geographical risk distribution.

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