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Clearinghouse for Mitigation Measures

This page contains documents and links to web pages that describe mitigation measures for land use planners.


ARB Air Resources Board, "The Land Use - Air Quality Linkage," 1997
Performance Standards for Existing Stationary Sources
CalTrans Caltrans Greening the Fleet
CalTrans Transit-Oriented Development
Standard Enviromental Reference (environmental document preparation guidance):
Title VI Program
Construction Contract Standard
USEPA Smart Growth Online. A service of the Smart Growth Network, created by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, along with several non-profit and government agencies.
CERES CEQA Guidelines - Article 5.


Bay Area Bay Area Air Quality Management District, "BAAQMD CEQA Guidelines," 1999.
Feather River Feather River CEQA
Sacramento Clean Air Plan, CEQA
Santa Barbara Land-Use Planning
San Joaquin Valley San Joaquin Valley Unified Air Pollution Control District, "Air Quality Guidelines for General Plans," 1994.
San Luis Obispo Land Use - Air Quality
South Coast South Coast Air Quality Management District, "CEQA Air Quality Handbook," 1993 and updates.

SCAQMD Clearinghouse of Air Quality Elements in General Plans

SCAQMD Guidance Document
Ventura CEQA
Yolo-Solano Yolo-Solano Planning - CEQA


Local Government Local Government Commission. LGC's transportation and land use web page.
Victoria Institute Victoria Transport Policy Institute web site. Evaluation of land use strategies and many land use research web links.