CHAPIS Emissions Maps

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Welcome to the CHAPIS tutorial for first-time users. Use this page to see how to use air pollution maps in CHAPIS. CHAPIS works best when your screen size is set to 1024x768, but any size will work. If your screen size is smaller (800x600), you may have to scroll to see the whole map.

Keep in mind that emissions from mobile sources (cars, trucks, and off-road equipment) generally dominate the regional health impacts of air pollution, and contribute the most to the total amount of air pollution.  So CHAPIS has tools to show the combined contributions of cars and trucks, and industrial sites together, using what we call the Gridded Emissions features. Use the following to get started in CHAPIS.
1. Pick a location.
(choose Los Angeles for this example)

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This page last updated April 7, 2008