Carbon Monoxide Summary Table at Memorial Academy

This page last reviewed October 21, 2010

Month Mean of 8-hour Maximum* (ppm)
October-99 2.9
November-99 2.5
December-99 3.2
January-00 2.7
February-00 1.6
March-00 1.6
April-00 1.0
May-00 0.7
June-00 1.2
July-00 0.5
August-00 0.7
September-00 1.1
October-00 1.1
November-00 2.6
December-00 2.8
January-01 2.7
February-01 2.0
Maximum 3.2

*Hourly average carbon monoxide concentration is measured continuously. The hourly carbon monoxide concentrations are then averaged over 8 hours (8-hour periods may overlap) to obtain 8-hour average carbon monoxide. Daily maximum 8-hour carbon monoxide is obtained for each day, which is then averaged over a month to calculate the monthly mean of 8-hour maximum carbon monoxide.