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Documentation of California's Greenhouse Gas Inventory (7th Edition - Last updated on 03-24-2014)

♦ Category: Industrial Processes and Product Use

IPCC: 2G4 - Other Product Manufacture and Use - CO2, Limestone or Soda Ash consumption
Sector: Industrial : Not Specified

♦ Activity: Limestone and dolomite consumption -

♦ Greenhouse gas: Carbon dioxide ( CO2 )

► Year 2004 —

● Greenhouse gas emission estimate —

Amount: 140,610 tonnes of CO2 Emitted (140,610 tonnes CO2 Eq.)
Basis: Calculation
Calculation: [US CO2 emissions from limestone and dolomite use] * [California consumption of limestone and dolomite] / [US consumption of limestone and dolomite]
Reference: USEPA (2004). Emission Inventory Improvement Program. Technical Report Series, Volume 8: Estimating Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Chapter 6: Industrial Processes. US Environmental Protection Agency. Washington DC.

● Activity level used in calculations —

Basis: None
Reference: Not Applicable.

● Parameters and Constants used in calculations —

Parameter: California consumption of limestone and dolomite = 27,195,000 tonne
Reference: USGS (various years). Minerals Yearbook: The Mineral Industry of California. California Dept. of Conservation, California Geological Survey/U.S. Geological Survey. (See: Crushed Stone). Accessed online at:
Parameter: US CO2 emissions from limestone and dolomite use = 5,900,000,000,000 g (i.e. 5.9 million tonnes)
Reference: USEPA (2014). Draft Inventory of U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Sinks, Table 4-11, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency EPA 430-R-14-001.
Parameter: US consumption of limestone and dolomite = 1,141,100,000 tonne
Reference: USGS (various years). U.S. Geological Survey, Crushed Stone Statistics and Information, Mineral Yearbooks (Various Years), Stone (Crushed) Accessed online at:

● Greenhouse gas emitted per unit activity —

Amount: Not Applicable