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Documentation of California's Greenhouse Gas Inventory (7th Edition - Last updated on 03-24-2014)

♦ Category: Industrial Processes and Product Use

IPCC: 2F - Product Uses as Substitutes for Ozone Depleting Substances
Sector: Commercial : Not Specified

♦ Activity: Use of substitutes for ozone depleting substances - Foams

♦ Greenhouse gas: Mix of other Ozone Depleting Substance substitutes ( Other ODS substitutes )

► Year 2000 —

● Greenhouse gas emission estimate —

Amount: 3.45 tonnes of Other ODS substitutes Emitted (1,026 tonnes CO2 Eq.)
Basis: Model
Calculation: ARB ODS Substitutes Emissions Model
Reference: ARB (2014). Gallagher, G.; Zhan, T.;  Hsu, Y-K.; Gupta, P.; Pederson, J.; Croes, B.; Blake, D. R.; Barletta, B.; Meinardi, S.; Ashford, P.; Vetter, A.; Saba, S.; Slim, R.; Palandre, L.; Clodic, D.; Mathis, P.; Wagner, M.; Forgie, J.; Dwyer, H.; Wolf, K.  High-global Warming Potential F-gas Emissions in California: Comparison of Ambient-based versus Inventory-based Emission Estimates, and Implications of Refined Estimates.  Environ Sci. Technol. 2014, 48, 1084-1093. (See Supporting Information)

● Activity level used in calculations —

Basis: None
Reference: Not Applicable.

● Parameters and Constants used in calculations —

Parameter: Not applicable
Constant: Global warming potential of Other ODS substitutes = 1446
Reference: ARB (2014). Technical support document on GHG inventory methodologies for the 2000-2012 inventory. See Discussion of emissions from the use of Ozone Depleting Substances substitiutes. Specific questions may be directed to ARB staff, see: /cc/inventory/contacts.htm

● Greenhouse gas emitted per unit activity —

Amount: Not Applicable