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Climate Change Workshops Speaker Presentations

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Technology Assessment Workshop on Climate Change
Emission Regulations for Light-Duty Vehicles
April 20, 2004

Chuck Shulock, CARB
Introduction Slides


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Kenneth A. Colburn, NESCCAF
Reducing Motor Vehicle GHGs: Study Overview


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Stephen Brueckner, AVL Powertrain Engineering, Inc.
Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions From Light-Duty Motor Vehicles


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Kevin McMahon, The Martec Group
Light-Duty GHG-Reducing Technology Cost Assessment


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Dan Meszler, Meszler Engineering Group



  • Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Light-Duty Motor Vehicles, Interim Report, NESCCAF, March 2004 - Indirect GHG Impacts of Vehicle Air Conditioning


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  • Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Light-Duty Motor Vehicles, Interim Report, NESCCAF, March 2004 - Data Integration and Results


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Steve Albu, CARB
Mobile Source Climate Change Emission Reduction Technologies


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Dr. Alberto Ayala, CARB
HFC-134a Direct Emissions from Vehicle Air Conditioning Systems


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Stefan Unnasch, TIAX
Climate Friendly Alternative Fuel Vehicle Analysis


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Tom Evashenk, CARB
Discussion of Results from TIAX Study


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S.M. Shahed, Honeywell Technologies
Gasoline Engine Turbocharging & Rightsizing

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Sturman Industries
Hydrolic Valve Actuation "HVA"


Louise W. Bedsworth, PhD, UCS
Global Warming Solutions for California Cars


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Roland J. Hwang, NRDC
Reducing Global Warming Pollution from Mobile Air Conditioning


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Climate Change