First Update to the AB 32 Scoping Plan 

This page last reviewed May 27, 2014

The First Update to the Scoping Plan was approved by the Board on May 22, 2014, and builds upon the initial Scoping Plan with new strategies and recommendations.  The First Update identifies opportunities to leverage existing and new funds to further drive GHG emission reductions through strategic planning and targeted low carbon investments.  The First Update defines ARB’s climate change priorities for the next five years, and also sets the groundwork to reach long-term goals set forth in Executive Orders S-3-05 and B-16-2012.  The Update highlights California’s progress toward meeting the “near-term” 2020 GHG emission reduction goals defined in the initial Scoping Plan.  It also evaluates how to align the State's "longer-term" GHG reduction strategies with other State policy priorities for water, waste, natural resources, clean energy, transportation, and land use.  

Download First Update to the Scoping Plan: