Initial AB 32 Climate Change Scoping Plan Document

This page last reviewed April 3, 2013

The Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 (AB 32) required the Air Resources Board to prepare a Scoping Plan to achieve reductions in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in California.  The Scoping Plan was originally approved in 2008.  In 2011, the Functional Equivalent Document for the Scoping Plan was ammended.  The Scoping Plan was re-approved by the Air Resources Board August 24, 2011, including the Final Supplement to the Functional Equivalent Document (FED), posted below.  The Scoping Plan provides the outline for actions to reduce California’s GHG emissions.  Posted below is the final scoping plan that reflects changes outlined in the errata sheet as well as Board requested modifications from the original approval in 2008.  Also included below are staff responses to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) comments, Supplement to the FED comments, and related documents.  

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2011 Comments on Supplement to the AB 32 Scoping Plan FED:

2008 Scoping Plan Comments:

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