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Pavley I and Low Carbon Fuel Standard Postprocessor
Version 1.0

ARB staff has developed this tool for Metropolitan Planning Agencies (MPO) to use as they estimate the greenhouse gas reductions (GHG) from local land use strategies when those strategies are combined with California’s vehicle and fuel standards.  In 2007, ARB adopted the Pavley clean-car standards to reduce GHG emission from passenger vehicles.  In 2009, ARB adopted a Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) to reduce the carbon intensity of vehicle fuel.  Now, under SB 375, MPOs and local governments are developing plans to reduce our driving needs as our communities grow.  This tool allows the MPOs to estimate how the three strategies work together to reduce emissions.

MPOs will take the information about vehicle use (e.g., miles driven and speeds) coming out of their alternative planning scenarios and use that as input to ARB’s existing vehicle emission model EMFAC.  The MPOs will then put the EMFAC output into this tool to estimate future GHG emissions with the Pavley and LCFS benefits.  ARB will use the same tool when it sets the GHG emission reduction targets required by SB 375.

For questions, please contact:

Nesamani Kalandiyur, Manager
Transportation Analysis Section
Transportation Planning Branch at (916) 324-0466

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