This page last reviewed January 10, 2019

Senate Bill 375 - Data for Target Setting

SB 375 requires technical data exchange between ARB and the Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) and air districts to support target setting.  The MPOs are generating data to help inform SB 375 target-setting.  As part of the data and scenario development process, MPOs met regularly to collaborate on the assumptions, content and format of their data and scenario submittals to ARB.  

The data submittals are posted as received, with no alterations by ARB staff.  Several MPOs submitted their data individually, while others provided ARB with joint submittals.

Individual Submittals

Individual data submittals by MPOs to ARB

Joint Submittals

Some MPOs have jointly submitted data to help inform and support the target-setting process.

Additional Data 

ARB staff have used additional data to help inform the target-setting process.

Regional Targets Advisory Committee Data

To inform the discussions of the Regional Targets Advisory Committee (RTAC), ARB worked with the MPOs to collect a consistent set of data from each MPO.  The resulting spreadsheet is displayed below.  MPOs and ARB will continue to update this data with more current information, as available. 

The MPOs also provided a self-assessment of their travel demand models for sensitivity to key factors and policy variables for SB 375 target setting and implementation to the RTAC.  They also assessed their data collection and monitoring programs. The results of the assessment are displayed below.

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