Last reviewed on December 7, 2011

Local Government Operations Protocol for Greenhouse Gas Assessments

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What's New

bullet A technical update to the Landfill Emissions Model, version 1.3, is now available for download.

bullet Recycling and compost emission reduction factors and methodologies are available below.


California local governments have taken an active role in fighting climate change and reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Local officials have expressed a need for a set of methodologies and data sources to inventory the GHG emissions from their government operations and to quantify the emissions impact of local government policies and programs.

ARB staff has partnered with the Climate Action Reserve (CAR), The Climate Registry (TCR), and Local Governments for Sustainability (ICLEI) to develop the Local Government Operations Protocol (LGOP) for GHG assessment. The LGOP is a reporting protocol (i.e. a set of common standards and calculation tools for estimating and reporting GHG emissions). For compliance offset protocols, please see the Cap-and-Trade Program.

The LGOP provides guidance on how to inventory GHG emissions resulting from government buildings and facilities, government fleet vehicles, wastewater treatment and potable water treatment facilities, landfill facilities, and other operations.


The technical update to the protocol is available at the following link:

The updates focused on:

  • Emission factor updates
  • Equation updates
  • Multiple typographical errors
  • Example calculations

A more detailed description of the updates is available.

The previous version of the protocol can be found on the Archive page.


Landfill Emissions Tool

ARB staff has developed a spreadsheet-based tool for landfill emissions estimation. It implements the mathemetically exact first-order decay model of the 2006 IPCC guidelines. This tool is designed to estimate the fugitive emissions of a landfill that does not have a landfill gas collection system. If you have questions or comments about this tool please contact Mr. Larry Hunsaker.

Recycling and Composting Emission Reduction Factors

ARB staff has developed life-cycle based greenhouse gas emission reduction factors for recycling and composting. These factors are designed to provide local government officials, planners and other interested stakeholders with a reliable estimate for alternative waste management options. If you have questions or comments, please contact Mr. Dave Edwards.

For questions, contact: Anny Huang, Manager, Emission Inventory Analysis Section, Phone: (916) 323-8475