Last reviewed on April 20, 2011

Local Government Operations Protocol Archive

Historic photograph of a California neighborhood
Historic California Neighborhood


The Local Government Operations Protocol (LGOP) was adopted by the Air Resources Board at the September 25, 2008 Board Meeting. A summary of comments on the protocol and responses is available. Individual comments can be found on the California Climate Action Registry website. This protocol was adopted by the California Climate Action Registry Board in August.

The LGOP provides guidance on how to inventory GHG emissions resulting from government buildings and facilities, government fleet vehicles, wastewater treatment and potable water treatment facilities, landfill facilities, and other operations.

In order to conduct an up-to-date inventory, current emission factors must be available to the users of the LGOP.  Over time, updates to the emission factors and equations will occur periodically.  This page establishes an archive for past versions of the LGOP.

Protocol version 1.0

The first version of the LGOP remains available for download below:

For questions, contact: Webster Tasat, Manager, Emission Inventory Analysis Section, Phone: (916) 323-4950