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Local Action for Climate Change Emissions Reductions

The Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 (AB 32) outlines a comprehensive, multi-year program to reduce California's GHG emissions. AB32 requires the California Air Resources Board to identify a list of early action items, including a comprehensive framework of regulatory and non-regulatory elements, that will result in significant and effective GHG emission reductions.

“Guidance and protocols for businesses and governments to facilitate GHG emission reductions” were approved as early action items  by the Board at its June 2007 hearing.  All businesses ranging from a small office to a corporation can reduce GHG emissions, and often increase profits, through operational and behavioral changes such as green building practices, water conservation, waste management, and better transportation practices. Significant efforts by cities and smaller localities in the US have proven the potential for GHG emission reductions from business. Thus, these early actions build on the wealth of actions have already occurred. Primarily, they will provide guidance to businesses and governments on (1) how to calculate and inventory current GHG emissions, (2) how to set feasible targets to reduce emissions, and (3) best practices for reducing emissions. Guidance will be provided to increase energy efficiency and promote environmentally preferable purchasing, recycling, efficient transportation practices, and green building as well as other cost-effective, feasible strategies. The intent is to facilitate the implementation of these protocols and guidance to ensure real, quantifiable, and permanent GHG emission reductions.

Local Action will also include:
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